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Sam is doing what!

    Monday, September 30, 2002  

    blah :: posted 4:56:58 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Mole Cricket

    Spent this last weekend in San Antonio on a business trip... I had some fun but for the most part it was business related. Networking and stuff... On Friday we went to some mexican food place on the riverwalk that was blah... then to a Martini bar and ended up at Howl at the Moon... I dueling piano bar. It was a load of fun! That place is flat out wild the later it gets each night. On Saturday we went to Ruths Chris Steak House for steaks.

    I do not know what ever posesed someone to do underwater high voltage photography but it is cool...

    Have you ever heard of mole cricket? Me either? WTF is that.

    LOTR Two Towers is getting much much closer! They released a new trailer... see it here.

    Thursday, September 26, 2002  

    blah :: posted 4:53:47 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I'm a bad bad man... Angie didn't cvome home last night so Dade and I went crazy... you know what guys do when no one is around... we drank a bunch beer, sat around in our underwear and wathed porn to the wee hours of the morning... no wonder he was hung over this morning... :)


    Hey did you know there is a hurricane... oh nevermind... did it even rain?

    Next time you find yourself tweaking your mushroom to some hotel porn, or maybe getting a little strange location action with your S.O., you better have a look around... Hidden camera found in bathroom at the Marriot.

    See somebody likes Big K!

    Ever see one of THOSE cars going down the road with a big ass tail on it... Oh my so did he! Thanks to R for the link!

    Tuesday, September 24, 2002  

    sleepy :: posted 5:53:11 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Once again time has snuck up on me... and I'm ready to get the heck out of dodge! I promise I'll blog it tomorrow...

    Watch that storm it's head towards us!

    PayPal update!!!! It's OVER! I got my CASH! Finally! Phew!

    Monday, September 23, 2002  

    sleepy :: posted 6:07:08 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    The PayPal saga continues, or I'm just impatient! The status of my request for my own moeny is completed but yet there is no money in my bank account. After a couple of phone calls, one to the bank and one to PayPal. I'm told to rest assured that the money will appear in my account in a day or so. Funny how they take 4 days to give you money but it take 30 seconds to get it from your account...

    Did you have a good weekend... I'm to sleepy to post today... come back

    Saturday, September 21, 2002  

    magical :: posted 2:38:23 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Thought I'd take a minute to blog a sec... Wow this week was a really stressful week for me. Incredible. That whole PayPal thing damn that'll drive you to drink! Anyway I'm hoping to get enough done to get out to the Super Chevy Show at the drag strip tonight. They are gonna have a couple of jet cars goin nuts out there. I still have code to write and the yard to do and some Halloweeny stuff to do as well... ah hell who am I kidding I aint gonna get out there!

    God I'm sure if you've been near a TV in the last 2 days you've seen the video of the 2 shirtless idiots that attacked that coach in Chicago. What do you think happened when the whole freaking team piled on... I bet the bottom of that pile was ...ummm unpleasant!

    Speaking of DUMBASSes on video... how about the Video of the mother punching the 4 year old strapped in a car seat for a full minute. I wanted to throw up when I saw that tape. There are some very bad people in the world! ... now go hug your kids!

    IT is getting closer! I can hardly wait and that is something coming from me... I usualy go right out and just buy whjatever it is I gotta have that moment but with this it's gonna be worth holding off on the new cell phone purchase! I'm telling you just wait!

    Thursday, September 19, 2002  

    angelic :: posted 5:47:12 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    The Restriction has been lifted and I have requested my money! It takes a couple of days to transfer the money so we'll see if it holds more later!

    confused :: posted 2:35:43 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    this came from my S O

    Paypal update... I have not heard from them. I found an email address by searching using Google and contacted someone over there who is reviewing my case. He sent back a response that I should get some news from him maybe today and maybe tomorrow. I'll keep you updated.

    Did you know there is a STORM brewing? Ok there is a hurricane or it will be soon brewing up ou there south of Cuba right now. Looke here for details. Be sure to click on the forecasted path... middle of the gulf by the weekend where it hits a front passing through us now. It will stall in the center of the gulf and grow grow grow... and who knows where it will go then... scary!

    GEEK ALERT!!! Do you need a Firewire hub for that digital video cam you got? Why not go with something really cool like Hubzilla!

    Who doesn't like Soccer... have a little nice pron! Yum!

    who wants a 1200 hour Tivo! Me that's who! No way, can you imagine the navigation nightmare with that many hours on there? Really cool technology though!

    Warchalking banned by Nokia! No duh, it's always been underground...

    Ok for you young'uns out there, there used to not be wide spread internet access. We used to set up BBSes(Bulletin Borads) and dial in to these boards to chat and stuff. Ususally there was only 2 lines and sometimes only one so the most you could do was two people on at once. This meant that while you are on no one else could be so this meant access was limited and some places it was only by invitation. For those who remember what what I'm talking about, what was your handle? I was Vector back then and sometime I wonder what happened to all of those people. Step in very cool... look up your old BBSes and see if they are there!

    I do not know anything about this site except that it is beautiful!
    This is not bad either!
    and this IS different!

    Wednesday, September 18, 2002  

    ragey :: posted 4:16:18 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I am so angry I could spit... my blood pressure is rising and I can't work... PayPal! Have my PayPal story I want everyone to know it! I have been with PayPal for years and always thought they were wonderful... as a matter of fact I was inging their praise up to a couple of weeks ago. I recently did some business through PayPal and found myself with about $4000 in there.

    September 6th
    Well when I went to get that money out. On the 10th PayPal sends me an email saying hey wait a minute we need to verify you again. Well I have been verified for some time now but this is protection and while perturbed I can accept that. They require I fax in a copy of Bank account, Drivers License, Utility Bill and Credit Card Statement. I do so the very next morning.

    September 14... PayPal emails me that my restriction will remain in place and that I need to fax in additional info... they want the last 5 transactions tracking numbers. Now I am really perturbed, how is this any of thier business. I later find out that they are concerned that I will take the money and then the payee will request the money back and thus they will be left holding the bag. They want 5 I'll send all of them... 15 go out 2 hours after recieving the email.

    ...and you need to pay the outstanding $408 on your other account! The other account listed is a friend of mine who I will not name, but I will say has a similar email address. The domain is the same. That is the only connection between the two of us... we might have signed up under each othere to get the bonus $5 but that would be the only other thing. I immediatly call PayPal and tell them that is not me and if they will kindly check their accounts they will see that that account has nothing to this person. I tell them I know who that is but have not had any contact with them in 2 years! The PayPal operator lets me know that he noted that in my account.

    September 16 ... My request has been denied again due to insufficent paperwork. They now need 10 tracking numbers WTF!
    September 16th I get another notice asking for the 10 tracking numbers and telling me that I am not liable for the money on the other account but until my "ex-partner" settles his account my account will be locked. So I call them back again and ask for a manager. No can do I am the highest authority you can speak to. I tell them again I have aleady sent in the information and they continue to ask for it. He make another note in my account and tells me there is nothing they can do at this time but wait for it to be reviewed. I ask him to accelerate the review. He places a priority on it and tells me it should take 24 hours or so.

    September 17th 24 hours comes and goes and nothing happens. I call and ask for help again, I am denied any abilty to go above the operator who has no authority to resolve any issues and he tells me I should wait another 24 hours. This operator was not very nice on the phone either... I'm sure they have to handle fraud on a daily basis but they should be careful about how they do treat people. Guilty and there is no innocence.

    September 18th Another 24 in the books and another call... again I am met with the inability to tell anything to anyone and other than wait for the review I get no feedback at all! I have waited 2 days, it didn't take that long when I was faxing the stuff in. I cannot get the anyone over there to let me talk to anyone who has any authority. So here I sit $4k in the hole waiting for the PayPal hostage holders to release my money. Meanwhile all of my tracking numbers have shown to be delivered. Everyone of those people have emailed me saying how pleased they are with the transaction and I cannot reap any reward from it... the bad thing is I need that PayPal to be active to do business. It looks like I'm going to have to foot the bill for the $400 my "ex-partner" owes if I want to get any of my money and possibly continue doing business with PayPal. This SUCKS!

    Later on the 18th I call back and decide to be as nice and civil as I can. I am told that I will never get the ban lifted from my account until I get my ex-partner to settle his account. After explaining over and over to them I have nothing to do with this guy I get the brush off. I can no longer help you with this complaint and am hung up on.

    Tuesday, September 17, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 8:07:36 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Don't have time for a full blog entry but I didn't want this one to get away from me... Yet another H.A. run amok!

    Monday, September 16, 2002  

    confused :: posted 5:54:27 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Real quicky entry, I have no time today... the it was ok. I'll tell you a tale of PayPal later ... blood pressure rising now... anyway...

    This guy is really horny for this American he girl he met in some pub somewhere, if you know her can you help him out please.

    If you know what these are you will like looking at this site LOTR rocks!

    For all you Atkins dieters out there... have a low carb beer and get drunk...

    Halloween is coming!!!! AHHHH!H!!!!H!H!H!!!!

    Is Laden dead... I don't know.

    kinda tired... must go now...

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