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Sam is doing what!

    Wednesday, February 28, 2007  

    smiley :: posted 11:40:36 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink
    Hail damages the Shuttle delaying the March Launch... 7000 pits in it!

    Monday, February 26, 2007  

    smiley :: posted 2:50:24 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink
    Crazy spagehetti bowl intersections

    Friday, February 23, 2007  

    smiley :: posted 5:19:44 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink
    If anyone is looking for an early BDay present for me... This will do!!!!!!

    Wednesday, February 21, 2007  

    smiley :: posted 2:55:17 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink
    Using a laser and a projector and some custom leetnes... buildings become the graffiti canvas

    :: 2/21/2007 12:43:59 PM
    Top 5 Movie Viruses of all time... HA! I got number 1 right and a couple of others too... think about it before you click.

    :: 2/21/2007 12:44:19 PM

    :: 2/21/2007 12:51:08 PM
    Cool pics of Mexio City? huH! yea take a look...

    Monday, February 19, 2007  

    neutral :: posted 5:18:09 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    So the question at hand... why do you blog? I used to blog as an outlet. I often had something to say and it was a soapbox to say it on. I also ran a joke email list... it was large... now this was waaay before blogs. People would send me jokes I would repackage them and send them out to the list. It got to be overwhelming keeping up with the list so I, being a developer, decided to automate it. As I was developing the database I decided I could do this better if I just posted it all online so that is what I did. Samublog was born! The funny thing is I had barely even heard of blogging... hell the world had barely heard of it back then.

    Anyway now I rarely write, seems though I don't have time... I know woe is me. Where is that waambulance... anyway with Little League starting there is even going to be less time there!

    Did anyone see the Daytona 500 yesterday? HFS! what a finish! and that DirectTV Hotpass thing I was on Dale Jr. when he wrecked and honestly the footage on the incar cams and what not was often better than the footage on the main channel. After Jr. wrecked I switched to Harvick and got to use my Tivo to back and see the 7th to 1st to win run from his that was!

    Oh yea one more thing... if anyone sees these jeans in a store somewhere please let me know.

    Program note for those who also have embraced the inner Star Wars geek in themselves, I am going to be doing a photo shoot in armor along with a few others on March 3rd at the Battleship... I don't know that there will be anything to see but if you're interested let me know and I'll see if you can come observe us.

    Gotta jet... watch my videos click me links... if you do you do if don't you don't, I do this for me more than anything else.

    Got this from my friend CR's Myspace Page... To funny!!

    From my friend SS

    smiley :: posted 2:39:08 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink


    Friday, February 16, 2007  

    smiley :: posted 3:16:23 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink
    Poor Joe Rogan... it just keeps getting worse for him and the deal is at least with me I believe him!

    :: 2/16/2007 3:17:23 AM
    Negative calorie drink? or BS! You decide.

    Thursday, February 15, 2007  

    smiley :: posted 5:29:46 AM :: comments(1) ::permalink

    Let me start this blog by thanking my mother for exposing me to music. When I was little mom had a van with an 8-track in it... what I remember most about that is Fleetwood Mac and Blondie playing. It was cool! A little later she got a Z-28 and had a very nice Pioneer stereo in that... along the way she exposed me to likes of ZZ Top, Journey, Def Lepard and many varied others. She also had a very nice stereo system in the house and every Sunday morning we'd listen to the Top 40 countdown instead of turning on the TV. It was sort of an event, listen while cleaning the house. Why does this matter... Well this morning I was feeling a bit down... actualy alot down. You see yesterday was Valentine's Day and I ordered Angie flowers to be delivered to her office and all but she took a half day off so she never got them. Next I had tried to find this one item I knew she'd love, I went to several stores over the weeks leading up to Vday and never could put my hands on one. I got a printout of all the Macys and called and called but could not get one. In the end it came down to one store was supposed to get them on VDay... well I could not risk it! So at the last minute I ordered it online and got 2 day shipping this was Saturday. With Vday 3 days away I thought I'd get it in time but no... Monday came and went with no notification of shipping, I emailed them Tuesday and asked WTF! I did not get a reply but a few hours later I got a shipment notification with next day shipping. Still a chance! YES! On the 14th I'm stressed because she's leaving work and no flowers yet... then I check my package and it's holed up in New Jersey... which is in the middle if an ice storm so I know I'm screwed!

    ... back to the point! In effect Angie got nothing for VDay. I told her about everything and she is excited but she got nothing. So I am driving in this morning thinking about what a dink I was for not recognizing this and feeling incredibly blue. I am listening to Howard Stern on Sirius... he is talking about music and the bands that have been in studio and how some song reminded him of his grandfather. I was thinking yea that's nice and started looking for something else to listen to when I found Elton John - Bennie and the Jets on. I put it on. Instantly I have visions of my mom, doing housework on Sunday listening to the radio. It was uncanny! I had a perfect vision of it... all of the sadness left me instantly and it made me think, in the information age I spend far to much time jumping from station to station wanting more more more... mutitasking even music! So I stopped and listened to Bennie and the Jets, I thought about my mom and those Sunday mornings and forgave myself for what I did to Angie yesterday, I mean afterall she is about to have the best day after Valentine's Day ever, and I just listened to the song.

    I stopped to smell the roses!

    Thanks mom you probably had no idea that you were doing this at the time and it was dumb luck but those actions 30 years ago saved your boy some pain today.

    ... and I'm sorry hon I hope today makes up for it a little and I'll never let it happen again!

    and for everyone else... stop and listen to a song today or admire a piece of art... just slow down for a second and take a moment. I firmly believe that those 3 minutes saved me a full day pain.

    happy day after Valentine's Day!

    comments(1) : + add +
    .:: Angie
           Aww, hon. It's my fault I didn't get the flowers on the V-day (I picked that day to go to Dade's school to help with the time I'll pick Christmas!). And they were here this morning anyway. And I'm estatic about the purse, so one day late is no big deal! I love that you put so much thought into the day just for me.
    P.S. This didn't make me cry, just smile, but I bet your mom cries!
    smiley :: posted 3:32:26 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink
    HFS these pics will make you say HFS!

    :: 2/15/2007 9:19:37 AM
    Photoshop awesomeness!

    :: 2/15/2007 9:19:50 AM
    More WTF photos!

    :: 2/15/2007 9:20:59 AM
    I have a hard time disagreeing on any of the Movies that were ahead of their time.

    :: 2/15/2007 11:50:30 AM
    This is an amazing animation of 5000 years ofr middle east history. WOW! cool!

    :: 2/15/2007 12:09:28 PM
    CODEMONKEY: Migrating from ATLAS to Ajax.NET

    :: 2/15/2007 12:10:55 PM
    CODEMONKEY: Event Calendar in .NET

    :: 2/15/2007 12:13:29 PM
    CODEMONKEY: Another .NET event calender

    Wednesday, February 14, 2007  

    angelic :: posted 5:54:15 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Holy Crap! Joe Rogan confronts Carlos Mencia about Carlos stealing material... like alot! There are no fists but damn!

    :: 2/14/2007 6:10:20 AM
    A very large drain! Wow that's cool!

    :: 2/14/2007 6:16:01 AM
    Amazing footage! A skydivers chute fails... he has a camera and records the aftermath of coming down with a colapsed chute. Amazingly he lives. Also a fellow skydiver saw it all and filmed it all as well... here is that footage.

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