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Sam is doing what!

    Thursday, August 29, 2002  

    neutral :: posted 5:08:33 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink


    Boo yea... thank you for all the kind words and prayers, my grandmaw is better today. She has started to get the use of the left side of her face back and that is good news!

    Special hell yea congrats go to R and P for the news on the double they got! Must have a been a couple of good swimmers in there! CONGRATS!

    Thanks R for helping computer up Angie's bike yesterday, it's kickass!

    As you know I love Fantasy Football. Well I'm in another league this year so if you want to follow our progress go here. It will offer realtime sorta scoring...

    Good lord, what would happen if reality tv were taken off the air? Would there be anything left? The latest one... The Real Beverly Hillbillies ... follow the adventures of a rural, lower-middle class family -- yes, there will be a granny -- as they are transplanted from their humble digs to a Beverly Hills mansion. ughh!

    Nice ... some hackers vandalized the RIAA web site... story

    Oh man turn away if you squeamish... the latest fad in japan 70 year old hookers

    Orgasmsfrom around the world! gotta like the Antarctic one!

    Ok you find yourself wondering if you have anymore gas in your and your fuel gauge is busted what do you do? Look in the tank and see if there is gas in there? Can't see in the tank? Here take this lighter! DUMBASS!

    one more real quick... signs from around the mlb about the strike ... pretty funny... thanks to big G for the links...

    Wednesday, August 28, 2002  

    frowny :: posted 5:13:47 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Today was the best game of hearts we've had here... ever! I want to say today has been a good day except. My grandmaw had a small stroke yesterday and a great deal of my energy today has gone toward worying and praying for her. Please include her in your prayers.

    I've said it once before... ... Now do you believe me? :)

    Can you lift a Geko from the wall? Not if he doesn't let go

    What are the odds of getting struck by lightning? HIGH! How about gettting hit by a meteorite!

    How about a convieniance store in a vending machine... why it's be 18' long and take up 200 square feet... yep! and just for balance... how about some live bait!

    that's all for now... I gotta go...

    Tuesday, August 27, 2002  

    blah :: posted 5:30:12 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    ok I won in cards today woohoo... but I am pissed off. You know I just hate to lose anything especialy when you are clearly the best at something. Houston did not make the final cut down from 4 to 2 cities for the Olympics. We clearly had the best bid we are far far far ahead of all 3 of the other cities in venues and planning, but nope. San Franciso and New York! I'd say favorites are being played. It reminds me of when they wanted to award one more football franchise. Houston came in with gold! and everyone else came with paper... but they kept not want to give it to Houston. They kept trying to give it to LA. Well inthe end they were finally overwhelmed with what Houston put on the table and now we have the best Stadium in the league, the practice facility in the league and the best eveything else int he league because that's the way we do things here. Everything is bigger in Texas damn it... go have it in the sentimental favorite NY who had the weakest bid alledgedly. There might still be a ranking but it just does not matter. They think we are a bunch of cowpokes down here and they always will... incredible.

    I know I promised an account of my hack attack but I'm over it... let's just say that I finaly got it fixed. I worked on for almost 30 hours over the weekend, most coming in the night I had to spend up at i-sys.

    how about a few links...
    Holy crap Minority Report is coming true! The precogs are just computers instead! this story is about a future criminal list. Yes future, they are tagging people before they do anything! Scary!

    If I had been faster you could have seen this auction on ebay where someone was selling the screen name Satan for aol... the bid was up to 15,000 when they pulled the plug!

    Me sees a computer war a brewin', awhile back I posted a link to an article about how Apple was out and out attacking the pc... well Gateway has jumped in the fight... Gateway fights back

    Big ass file... Air guitar world championship winner

    You 20 miles out fishing and you hook a severed human head what do you do? Nothing apparently, put it in a bag and keep on fishin'... you don't want to ruin your day do you? That's what happened to these guys. Thanks to P for the link.

    I'm done...

    Monday, August 26, 2002  

    sleepy :: posted 5:47:01 PM :: comments(2) ::permalink

    Wow do I have lots to tell today! What a weekend I had let me start with the good stuff... we went out with another couple on Saturday night R and P. Went to Empire Cafe for dinner, oh man it was good, had the Ravioli and oh man it was good! After that went to see XXX with Vin Diesel. I thought how could this lug out Bond James Bond? WOW! I was wrong he kicked it! It was so bad ass! Great night for those few hours who knew it would my only non frantic hours of the weekend!

    You see Friday morning I got a call from Interchange letting me know mail was not behaving... I logged in to find out what was up and found it being slammed by a spammer. 25+ hours with only 3 hours of sleep later I was still fighting him, but that story I'm saving for tommorow.

    Sunday I had my fantasy football draft and I had not prepared... I scrambled to get it done and barely made it. I did have a decent draft though. More on that as the season progresses.

    Oh yea I failed to mention that on Saturday my prototype from my Jurassic Park Cryocan came in.

    I have already sold 25 of these things! Booyeah!
    Video of it in action

    No links today, plenty more time tomorrow...!

    comments(2) : + add +
    .:: Landon
    .:: Landon
           That's cool you can make cryocan just like on Jurassic Park movie. I always wanted to own one. How much is one It? Please email me back. Please.

    Saturday, August 24, 2002  

    evil :: posted 2:09:36 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Ok look at the post time here! If I am not coherent there is a reason! I've been at Interchange all damn day and here it is 1am and I'm still here! Anyway I just had to post this quick link...
    Jurassic Park Cryocan Video it's 5 megs so download it if you have a good connection. Otherwise come on over and I'll show it to you! :)

    Wednesday, August 21, 2002  

    magical :: posted 5:22:28 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Wings tonight! Yea! Got my springs in today too! Wohoo! and my Cryocan is almost complete, now if the damn vials would come in... GRRRR...

    Don't pay your bills on time and you may have to pay the devil himself! Unusual Venezuelan Bill Collector Embarrasses Debtors Into Paying

    I made one of these the other day... pretty cool it is!

    I'm so glad someone is fight the RIAA fight back

    TECHNOLUST ALERT - This would be so cool! Typing with your eyes! I wonder what it would do if you were looking at pron? thanks to W for the heads up!

    Damn first it was West Nile infected mosquitos, now it's King Kong Grasshoppers! This is about 4 inch long grasshoppers that are eating everything in site and don't seem to be affected by normal poison... about the only thing you can do is hit em with a 2"x4"! DamN!

    By the powers of Grayskull He-Man is back!

    You know how in all the space movies there is always a force field around the ships? Well scientist are getting closer to a reality of just that. if it works!

    Remember the days when there was no sex and violence on radio or TV? Now it's everywhere. Have they gone to far with this? well it looks like some radio staion might have!

    You've heard me say it time and time again I LOVE TIVO! Tivo is the shit! I am not brainwashed either. I must tell you, Tivo finds shows for me! How cool is that! No matter when I sit down to watch tv (usualy after everyone has gone to bed) I have stuff to watch, maybe it's an episode of Cheers or Seinfeld or Friends or maybe it's a race or show about computers or robots! Tivo knows what I like and it finds things I like! Well tonight The Screensavers are going to talk about why they love thier Tivo too... See it and watch it... it has changed the way we watch tv!

    must work on Halloween... must work on Websites... must play with Dade... must spend time with Angie... squeeze in a full time job, a dash of JP Cryocan and some prep work for a new addition to the house and that should leave about 8 hours of sleep ... for this week...

    Tuesday, August 20, 2002  

    ragey :: posted 3:36:48 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Dreamworks Records







    Monday, August 19, 2002  

    upsidedown :: posted 4:13:38 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    A woman walks into a bar with a poodle under one arm and 3 foot salami under the other... crash! TBC! YEA! Have I got lots to tell... Friday - I decided to brave Waterworld again and I'm glad I did! First it was the last Friday they were going to be open this year. Second on Thursday it had rained lights out. Third half of Houston had gone back to school already. So what does all this equal? No lines and sunny weather! It was the best day Dade and I have ever had at WW! He rode slides he had never riden before and wanted to do them again and again! It was great! He even rode some rollercoasters at Astroworld (Greezer and Viper(twice)) Awesome day!

    Saturday... Angie forgot her purse when she left for work so I had to bring it to her. We went to see Goldmember that night.

    Sunday... I mowed... the rest of the weekend I spent staring at the little screen wishing I was done so I can go and make Halloween stuff!

    How about some links!

    If your ever in need of some tires... TireRack is the place! Good selection and great prices.

    I want this! It's a internet remote controlled lawn mower. How cool is that! Thanks to W for the link.

    Think back... do you remeber all the hype that was IT or Ginger or whatever it was, IT was going to change the world! Then IT came out as the Segway and uhhhh yea ok... well guess was?!? The Segway was not IT!

    The title of this piece is They Needed a Study for This? and it's true ... did you know that if you drink the opposite sex will look better through beer goggles? DUH!

    It seems that the Region coding on DVDs designed to prevent Europeans from seeing American DVDs and other regions is on the verge of collapse. This article basicaly says almost all DVD players and play multiple regions if you know the secret codes.

    Then there is Death by Lego WTF!

    I leave you with this quote...

    Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. --- Thomas Edison

    Wednesday, August 14, 2002  

    frowny :: posted 5:06:10 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    BTW my JP cryocan is well underway by now and I should have a prototype by Fridayish. Wings tonight can't wait! Must get started on Halloween stuff... gonna start building an Obelisk this week and probably get started on the secret project Sunday! Anyone want to help? I should get my wheels this week to! Damn are my stars aligned or what!?!

    My friend E sent me a link today Mr Bling! to funny!

    This is chilling! It's an account of the nightmare of trying to clear the skys after 911... I must admit that after reading that I am no longer going to continue with this entry. I feel gutted...

    Tuesday, August 13, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 5:11:16 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I know I promised lots of links today, so let me start with one of my own!

    How many of ytou remember my old Camaro... I still have it! Look in my obsessions or my photo album to see!

    I also posted a photo album of River Road crap from this weekend up on Imagestation today...My album

    To funny ... this is the most traveled link on the internet right now! Tales of the Plush Cthulhu

    Why can't people just commit suicide the regular way... jump off a bridge or put a gun in your mouth... no they have to be all flamboyant and kill herself by jumping into a pit of more than 100 crocodiles WTF! IF she wanted some attention for her death, it worked!

    And you thought the smog in L.A. was bad! Asian brown cloud is killing people! This thing is 2 miles thick and could affect the entire earth!

    Good lord now the Monkeys are getting high! millipede ... the newest party drug? no Real millipedes! Monkeys just use them like a drug! Now kids do not think you can do the same... thing here... just stick to licking toads!

    I just replaced a modem yesterday that was fried by lightning I didn't know it was so widespread!

    Maybe I should get a set of these for my truck! To funny, and at $20 they are going to sell a ton of them!

    Wow this is cool, I don't know wtf it is but it's real cool when it works...

    is that enough for now? I guess so...

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