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Sam is doing what!

    Monday, November 22, 2010  

    smiley :: posted 8:26:50 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    For those that do not know my wife is an Aggie and therefore I am an Aggie by marriage. When I started dating Angie she had just started going to Texas A&M and because of that I spent many many weekends at College Station over the course of those four years. During that time I went to most of the home football games there and saw many great games and plays on the field. For those not educated in Aggie tradition Ags stand for the whole game only sitting when the other team’s band plays. This is to represent the 12th man. (see the 12th man tradition below) Anyway as a result I also saw quite a few band performances and well if you’ve seen one band march you’ve seen them all except this one time! The Aggie band did a routine called Four Corners. I honestly was blow away by this one particular part where the band was broken into 4 parts and they go to the 4 corners of the football field only then to turn to middle and march straight at each other, meeting in the middle of the field in what can only be called controlled chaos! It’s an amazing site to see and words cannot describe it. From that day forward I went to each game hoping to see Four Corners again but I was never rewarded. I did manage to see it on TV once but the tv crew did a terrible job of showing what was going on and the precision and amazing skill of the performance was lost.

    This weekend Angie took Dade to his first Aggie game. Nebraska (ranked 9) v. A&M (ranked 19) the hype was tremendous for this game. It was the prime time game on ABC and the Aggies took it up a notch as they pulled 35,000+ student tickets!(more than the entire Nebraska student body) This set a new record for most student to attend a college game. My son’s first Aggie game and it was epic! Ags won 9-6 in a close hard fought game that despite lots of offence never saw a touchdown. I was green with envy over all of this… why didn’t I go, but then the cru d'etat was that the band did the Four Corners routine! If you’ve made it this far in reading my blather then take a look at the following link and see what I am talking about. This was filmed off the video screen last Saturday night because his seats were to low to see the formation properly.

    …as promised

    12th Man Tradition
    The 12th man is a tradition brought forth long ago when during a particularly bad game almost all of the team had succumb to injury and the Aggies ran out of players! One student, from the stands stepped forward and played for the team that day to allow them to finish the game. (11 players on the field for football thus the 12th man) Since that day all students attending an Aggie game stand the entire game in case they are “needed” ! Not only that every single game there is a group of walk on students that play in the actual game. They wear the jersey number 12 to represent the 12th man and they play on kickoffs. Yes they really play in the game, walk on students, how cool is that! Next time you watch and Aggie game check out the kick offs and watch for number 12 and know he is a regular joe that walked on the team for that game.

    Saturday, November 20, 2010  

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    Thursday, November 18, 2010  

    smiley :: posted 4:20:04 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink
    Thanks to my Friend RY - I am now going to spiral down a hole memories... RY you have just created hours and hours of work for me! and I thank you! ...curious? visit the link, search for 6400 ... if you are 40ish then commence weeping at the joy you have found!

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010  

    smiley :: posted 9:50:40 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink
    THis movie "Your Highness" looks pretty good!

    Monday, November 08, 2010  

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