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Sam is doing what!

    Saturday, March 12, 2005  

    angelic :: posted 10:55:25 AM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    So much to say... eh what are you gonna do.

    What a Friday we had! Angie took the day off, we went to Celebration Station and hit balls, putt putted, played games and rode go-karts. Then we headed over to the Marq*e where we Ate at Red Robin's then watched Robots (very funny BTW) and then went blacklight bowling. fun fun fun fun fun.

    During the viewing of Robots I saw the new trailer for ROTS ... you can see it here...

    but if you cannot wait! have I got a treat for you...

    It seems some very fanatical fans put this "other" movie together. Now before you blow it off as some beginner low budget BS ... take a look at the trailer for this thing...WOW! I am approaching SW critical mass I think.

    I am hoping to attend Star Wars Fan Celebration III with Dade but it's looking less and less likely at this point. We'll see.

    Ok since I'm going movie geekarama today I ran across this trailer over on the Apple trailers site. It's called A Scanner Darkly and has some names in it. It's by Warner Independant Pictures so it's an indy film sorta... what caught my eye, beside the content, was the film style. Cartoon drawn over real footage, computer anime style. It sort of reminds me of the Spiderman series on MTV that was soooo cool. To bad that's gone! Anyway, check it out.

    Finally I'm going to leave you with a little something I talked about with my friend E the other day. I'm currently reading a book about the Philosophy in the Matrix and I must admit that it is my first foray into organized philosophical thoughts. The book is like a crash course in philosophy and I find that every chapter I read generates 100's of questions I think it's very good brain food! Anyway the ponderance... Let's say there is a boat called Sparta that is going to sail across the ocean and it's made from wood. The people on Sparta know that the wood will fail along the journey so they bring enough wood to make repairs as they go. By the time they reach the other shore the entire boat has been replaced stem to stern. Every single piece. Sparta pulls in and docks. Now along the way as each piece was replaced they tossed the old piece overboard. Currents and all took these pieces to a desert island where some castaways reassembled the ENTIRE boat piece by piece until they too set sail and lo and behold pulled into the dock next to the original Sparta, or is the old wood the original Sparta? This brings the question to the front what makes you, you!? If you lop off a finger your still you, a hand a foot a leg, keep going if they could medically keep you going when do you cease being you? When your brain dies? For the sake of argument what if they could "record" your brain and store it in a computer is that computer you? ahhh my is going... thanks E for getting me in a twist!

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