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Sam is doing what!

    Thursday, February 27, 2003  

    confused :: posted 5:18:55 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Not much time today... must be quick ...

    Mr. Rogers is dead!

    that'll shut him up! Texas of course! link from P Shuttle stuff look at it, it really is cooooool!

    Winning WTC replacement is taller than original ... I think it's fugly...

    If you decide to grow pot in your house do not call 911 and hang up! Dumbasses!

    This is good! Someone stole some skis then sold them on ebay, of course the original owner now needing a new pair of skis recognized them and bought them and picked them up in person with the police in tow!

    Yet another Dumbass! This guy making random obcene phone calls lands one with the Cheif of Police... after the cop kept him on the line for 20 minutes the caller fell asleep! he got caught! DA!

    Did anyone play the paper airplane simulator? I got 102' best I could do!

    Wednesday, February 26, 2003  

    upsidedown :: posted 4:21:28 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    You know I have nothing to say today, no political commentary, no gripes about this or that... I guess I'll just link today.

    Now that's what I'm talking about, Danish pizzeria bans French and Germans! Wow!

    NASA has lost another spaceship but it was long(31 years) and glorious run!

    It seems Google is trying to lay claim to using the term "to google". Wordspy has listed google as a verb!

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. It seems that a guy's bar kept getting broken into so he rigged the windows to shock the shit of you. Then he put signs everywhere including outside of the windows stating that fact. I guy broke in and was electrocuted... a jury gave the robbers family $75k

    Is Iraq outsourcing it's attacks? This doesn't seem so far fetched to me.

    If you are going to smack a spider try not do it with a lit piece of paper... you know the outcome of this!

    Some steam powered jet boat thing? I don't know it's just damn cool!

    Honestly officer I was just swimming along and an unwrapped condom floated into my mouth!

    Fly a paper airplane online .. this is slow but cool!

    You are all drinking the crap out of the Vanilla Coke products, so will you drink Mountain Dew Live Wire?

    I've had enough...

    Tuesday, February 25, 2003  

    sleepy :: posted 4:28:02 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I am so tired today... tired and sleepy... I can tell exactly which muscles you use when running that you do not use when using an eliptical trainer as well... ouch I hurt!

    First things first UPDATE your virus protection! NEW WILD VIRUS FOUND TODAY! thanks to R for the link...

    What a cool word EPOCH and on the top 20 most used weblog wwords at Daypop!

    Ok first there was chat, then chat got legs with ICQ and the whole slew of copycats like MSN and AIM. Now comes 3 Degrees... you better pay attention, this is what your kids are going to be doing soon!

    Do you know who your friends will be when you're doing 190 MPH ... seems as thought there are quite a few lesson to learn from a NASCAR draft...

    Pattern Recognition is a new book by William Gibson that appears to be good... WG was the man who coined the term cyberspace.

    Before Dr. Suess was a childrens book writer, he did ad illustration... The Dr. Seuss Collection

    Someone has leaked a pic of the new matrix phone. Looks fake to me...

    Why do women want to do married men? riiiight ok I'm sure that's it!

    Ebay had a million dollar Cheeto online right now.

    If you hit an alligator with your car, do not turn around and put in the back seat of your car, unless you know it's really dead!

    In the WTF depart why would Mexico be producing man eating fly to begin with... and then release them!


    Monday, February 24, 2003  

    angelic :: posted 4:29:13 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I had such a good weekend! How about that weather! Windy but awesome... got the Camaro out and went for spin great!

    Ok Friday Cookoff at the dome... pretty fun tried not to drink since there's carbs in that darn alcohol! Fun time...
    Saturday... kick butt, took the family to Rainforest Cafe... this is a 5 year olds paradise I swear... the food was eh!!?! but the atmos was kick but... Dade even had a drink at the bar sitting on a zebra's butt under a giant mushroom in the middle of a rainstorm... afterward we went to see DareDevil... it was not that bad I thought it was kinda cool... anyway what links lie in wait... I don't have that much today so let's see.

    For some reason it looks like Houston is screwed... this site is pretty damn funny ... you have to read some of it to get the jokes though.

    Awhile I talked about a scam on the internet, or least linked it, where someone in Nigeria contacts you and tries to convince you that they will give you some money if you help them transfer a large sum of money from thier bank to America... it basically escallates until your account is drained or you wise up that it's a scam, there have even been occasions where people have gone over there and ended up a hostage... well one those people got so mad that he fought back and shot one of thos scammers! f'in good show I say!

    With 300 episodes of the Simpson's in the book you'd be surprised how much sex has been in there... yet another top 10 Simpsons, this one is pretty damn good though.

    By now everyone has heard about the Great White pyro that went awry and killed over 100 people. Well in true Smoking Gun fashion they have all the public documents they can get. Don't forget to check out PeeWee's porn stash on the site too.

    Ok so there are 100's of dumbasses streaming to Iraq to be human shields... well guess what? They are unhappy that the officials in Iraq want to put "the shield" around a military target... well no shit did you think the USA was going to just start bombing civilians... no and the human shields know that ... ummm hadn't counted on the Iraqis being such aholes did you. ... reap what you sow.

    It seems there are about 33,000 Nike shoes about to wash up on the coast of Alaska somewhere... you just have to find the matches to have a pair.

    If a fire breaks out in your domicile, it's probably best not to naked and handcuffed to a toilet at the time.

    As if you did not have enough PRON in your life...This guy who runs a prono shop started a crazy prono shop blog of sorts... and it's pretty damn funny.

    PRON PRON PRON PRON - J-Lo's nipples ... she's got more than ass...

    Finally have some more really really good PRON!

    Thursday, February 20, 2003  

    neutral :: posted 5:05:24 PM :: comments(1) ::permalink

    Here comes the rain... it's theatening to wipe out the cookoff tomorrow.

    It seem thousands of guys are buying these these fake ATM recipts and guys are using them so give out thier phone numbers. To funny!

    I know I've blogged about before but if you have not been in awhile things have certainly gotten stinking rotten?!?! Be sure not to miss SIMMER .... ugggh! Not for the faint of heart and stomach.

    Ok we've all been to now go to and rate all the drunk dumbasses out there...

    WTF is this... he he.

    No more FRENCH fries... Freedom Fries

    Holy crap! Does the word shrimp even apply here?!! Thes things will smack you and split your toe or finger open at the normal 10 inch size!

    ONLY 15 YEARS!!!! OMG!!!! Get his ass over here and see what he gets!!!!!

    comments(1) : + add +
    .:: Dude
           WTF does WTF mean?

    Wednesday, February 19, 2003  

    magical :: posted 6:11:29 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Two improvements to the blog today... Real quick...
    1. For those of you who seem to have a hard time figuring out what I'm saying... I have added a Glos on the lefthand side of the page, be sure and let me know when I use some other spiel you do not know...
    2. Comments! Have at it... and keep the flames and spelling comments to a minimum please. I type as freely as I speak and if I stop to adjust for spelling the posts begin to suffer. Please let me know if something fails, I whipped this up really quickly and it is not really tested. In the near future I'll have a number next to the comments link letting you know how many comments are associated with that post.

    Ok just a few very few links as I have to go ...

    Can soundless music affect your emotions? Yes is the short answer... but read it for yourself, pretty interesting.

    The X-Men 2 trailer is out... X2 at Apple trailers! Kick ass site that is...

    WTF is NewsMonster? I don't know but when I do I'll fill you in... looks cool for the 3 minutes I looked at the page...

    Finally thanks go to R for finding a very cool kick ass klind of link... has this 3D rotating visual Thesaurus...

    gotta jet... use the comments...

    Tuesday, February 18, 2003  

    blah :: posted 5:37:45 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Joe Millionaire ... did you watch. He picked the right girl. It was anti-climatic though.

    WTF is this? I don't know... whatever...

    Remember last week when I broke the news about the credit card theft? Well the real story came out today! 5.6 million card numbers stolen HOLY CRAP!

    If you have ever wanted to see Teddy Bears having Tantic Sex then they finally made a website just for you!

    Make sure you watch Bert the Turtle show you how to survive a terrorist attack!

    MMMMMMM Lips! be careful your speakers are not to loud. You can really get this sounding pretty prono if you try.

    Read this link carefully, things are not always as they seem...

    smiley :: posted 4:07:15 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    Real quick here... with NASCAR season upon us again I looked back through some of my old links ... 1998 and 1999

    It's fun at a race!

    NASCAR fans don't bother with beach balls in the stands...

    Monday, February 17, 2003  

    confused :: posted 4:45:33 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    This weekend was booooorrrrring well not that boring, but I was basically waiting for Sunday to get here so Saturday was a big nothing... We did manage to watch 1,2,3 movies this weekend... which brings up a comment... WTF is up with all the nominations for Chicago? SUCKOLA! I barely made it through! Anyway we made it to Sunday and The Race was on and eh... rain delayed then shortened ... boo! Then the Simpsons deal... I was expecting a clip show and new episode, instead I got a rerun and 2 new episodes... they were ok... I was unsatisfied.

    Wonder Twin powers activate... eh nevermind wrong show... In the same vein as the Justice League comes a new movie from Fox... LXG stands for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen... I don't know but the trailer looks pretty freakin good!

    For those who are wondering about that space elevator thingy I posted awhile back... these guys are really serious about making it real!

    Here... have a little eye candy...

    For you Astroworld fans out there, SFAW is getting 2 new rides this year... Swat is like 2 giant flyswatters spinning around... and Diablo Falls a giant water coster raft ride thing?!?... Unfortunately Taz's Texas Tornado has been removed. DAMN! I never got to ride it.

    have some more... candy... it's all good...

    Those boys at thinkgeek just keep coming up with funny shirts... like this one.

    that's enough for today...

    Thursday, February 13, 2003  

    angelic :: posted 5:16:42 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    No time today... this might be a short one...

    Do you need a game that simulates the impending war? here is a popular one, and it's all in flash!

    Who could you take in a fight? Some of these are to damn funny.

    WOW who would have thought you could do this to pencil?! WOW! Double WOW!

    I have always wanted to do this, but I never had a team...Junkyard Wars Application... anyone?

    You know that grainy shuttle pic with the wing all distorted? That was rally an old Mac and cheapo telescope! full story here

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