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Sam is doing what!

    Thursday, May 23, 2002  

    smiley :: posted 4:05:17 PM :: comments(0) ::permalink

    I'm a happy camper today... I finally found those Leches M and M's and they were damn good too! One week 'til cruise day... ready to go I am!

    As if we don't get enough caffine already... how about some caffinated soap! thinkgeek to the rescue!

    Any of you out there use Netscape? They just released 7.0 preview release 1... have a review ... I'm using it now and it kicks ass! and tabs, oh those wonderful tabs!

    As some of you avid readers know I'm into replica props from movies... ok mostly Star Wars but hey how cool would it be to have Capitain Kirks chair! I'm guess you have to have some money for this game!

    WARNING Factual error was discovered on the Internet Oh this could be the end!

    Any gamers in the mix? Doom III is coming soon! Looks pretty good too!

    You know I'm diggin' titoonic pretty cool looking page!

    I got this email from a friend of mine L. It is real and it really was sent in response to one of those satisfaction letters they send out... to damn funny!

    Bonnie Vargo
    Customer Satisfaction Manager
    Sterling McCall Lexus
    10422 Southwest Freeway
    Houston, Texas 77074

    Dear Bonnie:

    Thank you for your letter inquiring about my satisfaction with the repair to my car. In general, my wife and I could be defined as Very Satisfied with the service we receive from Sterling McCall. We think the world of Rick Lee, and put service high among our reasons for both driving a Lexus.

    My wife and I differ, however, in our interpretation of what we hear from the service department. On Tuesday when I was told "we will call you when the car is ready on Wednesday or Thursday," I believed that I would get a call when the car was ready on Wednesday or Thursday. My wife heard "call us when you want us to get started." On Friday morning I called to ask about the car, and was told "it should be ready in a few hours", my wife smiled and informed me that this really means "ok we will get started right away."

    Later, when I got a call telling me that "the car was ready," I believed that the car was ready. My wife heard, "come on by, and we'll see how things are going." Half an hour after my wife dropped me off to pick up the car, I stopped hearing "we'll have your car right out," and started hearing "sign here for a loaner, so you can make it back to Houston for lunch."

    A charming but frustrated service manager apologized, explaining that he was unable to start the car. I did not want to embarrass the man, but as I prepared to leave in my loaner, I asked whether he was using the key that was in the car when it was towed in, instead of the one that fits the new ignition lock his department had probably installed that morning. If you recall the episode where the Three Stooges are in jail, but the door is not locked, then you can appreciate the look on his face before he disappeared down the hall again. He looked better a few moments later when he returned with the car. As they say, its not rocket surgery.

    When the car came to Sterling McCall, I had asked about what I thought were worn shocks. As it turns out, it is a rod in the front of the car that needs to be replaced. Before I left, your service manager asked if I wanted to "schedule the repair." This time, I heard "call us if you go out of town for a lengthy vacation this summer, and we'll keep your car for you."

    Yours very truly,
    -name removed-

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