Habitat for Humanity Houston
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Bates Brinkley Realty

   Bates Brinkley will feature a completely new look. I took their business card for the colors and designed everything else from the ground up. If possible this will include listings from the MLS/HAR websites.

Workplace Rx

   The WorkplaceRX website was a grass roots project. The site has a small Flash splash screen and an easy to use navigation menu. All of the design and graphics were done from scratch.


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At this time I am only taking contact by email. You may email me at

current projects

      A friend came to me who was starting to go into the real estate business and need a site. This site features a database to hold the featured property as well as an easy to use online update tool.

Big Dog Logistics

      Big Dog Logistics currently uses an online tracking system that they lease from another logistics company. This conflict coupled with their rapid expansion lead them to seek to separate from the current company. I am rewriting the current tracking software adding some enhancements and streamlining it as I go. The project involves ASP, SQL, Javascript, and several aftermarket components such as a barcode generator.

Filters Unlimited

      Filters Unlimited is a partner company to World Wide Filtration, a site I did several months before starting Filters Unlimited. Filters Unlimited was a grass roots project, they had a logo and nothing else. I helped to choose a color scheme and identity. The site features original graphics taken from filters in their shop and using a Photoshop 7 to help make the rollover menu system.